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by Olivier for Oxfam France


About my fundraiser

Oxfam Trailwalker 2014,

Only 2,5 weeks left. Another 100 € to collect! Come on guys, help us to live this crazy adventure which supports so many people in need!!!!
We uploaded some fresh pics from our last boot camp :)
42 km around the beautiful lake of Annecy! 9 hours!
We're hoping to make the 100 K's in about 25 hours.... quite a challenge...

Good news: our doctors all validated that our health is good enough to stand the adventure!

Emma & Roxanne are registered as our official supporters who'll pamper us up every 15kilometers!

Yes, in fact, we're 6 (and 1200€) who make up the team!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

START: Saturday, 17th of May - 7AM in the morning.....


"Marcher avec un ami de nuit est mieux que de marcher seul de jour"

Nous soutenons Oxfam et sommes assez fous ( et en forme espérons) pour parcourir 100km en moins de 30hrs ....yes we can !
Nous sommes motivés et allons réussir, mais pas sans vous: Alors faites un don!
"les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières"
The white horse
alias: Cath, Guillaume, Charles & Johann

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better that walking alone in the light"
We are supporting Oxfam and are crazy enough (hopefully fit enough as well) to walk 100km in less than 30hrs..... yes we can !
We are motivated and will succeed, but not without you: So please support us!
"Every little helps"
The white horse
alias: Cath, Guillaume, Charles & Johann

"Mit einem Freund im Dunkeln zu wandern ist besser als alleine bei Tageslicht"
Wir helfen Oxfam und sind verrückt genug (hoffentlich auch fit genug) 100 km innerhalb von 30 Stunden zu laufen... yes we can!
Wir sind motiviert und möchten am Ziel ankommen, jedoch können wir dies nicht ohne euch: also bitte helft uns!
"Every little helps" - (jede kleine Finanzspritze wird dankend entgegengenommen)
The white horse
alias: Cath, Guillaume, Charles & Johann

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  • Day 1 : one bottle of wine down

    Olivier - 9/29/13

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